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Kids haircuts?? Do they Love them or Hate them?

Posted in Parenting, Motherhood, School holidays on Wed Sep 04 2019

Step one

Every time they get out of the shower and you are drying them...put them in front of a mirror and comb their hair. This gives your child the experience of seeing themselves in the mirror and associating this with the scenario that happens within a shop.

Step two

If Dad or Grandad has booked a haircut....bring your child with you to experience the surroundings and busyness of the shop....the noises and other strangers of all ages coming and going.

Step three
They can feel if you anxious so try and have fun with it don’t let them hear you saying things like ‘I’m dreading it’ make it fun.

Step four
Have snacks like there favourite treats Their favourite programme on your phone downloaded.

Step five
Don’t rush into the chair and take time to talk to him about what’s going on.

Step six
Pick a shop that is child friendly as your First visit to dictate what your experience is going to be like from day one!

Get it right first time and you life is easy!

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