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Share your play with me

on Sun Dec 06 2020

Hello! I’m Abbie, mum to Bobby who is 3 and Grace who is 1/nearly 2......yes we were crazy and they have a very small age gap of 15 months!!! 

Before babies I was a Primary School Teacher but now I’m very lucky and I’m a stay at home mum! 

I have an Instagram page @shareyourplaywithme where I share simple play set ups so that you can hopefully enjoy a well deserved hot cuppa while your little ones play and learn! 

I am not one for elaborate activities so you will find they are simple and quick to set up! I don’t want to be spending longer setting it up than we actually play for!

Here are 5 Christmas activities that provide lots of fun and so many opportunities for learning through play! 

1.Christmas Play Dough 

This is super simple! All you need is play dough, Christmas shaped cutters and any loose parts in Christmassy colours! We used pipe cleaners, bells, pom poms, gems and stars! 


2. Christmas Decorating

Grab your masking tape and make the outline of a Christmas tree, present, star or even Reindeer if you’re feeling adventurous....! Then give your little ones some items to decorate with! We used corks, cut up straws, gems, pipe cleaners, pom poms and bells!  


3. Icky sticky Christmas 

Draw a Christmas shape on a piece of sticky back plastic, put cardboard around the edge to pin it down, peel off the plastic and then let your little ones decorate it glue free!!! 👍🎄👍🎄


4. Christmas tree paper plates

Paint a paper plate green. Cut it into 3 parts (like 3 big pizza slices!) and then stick them on top of each other to make a tree shape! Grab the PVA glue and sequins and get decorating! 


5. Christmas tree card 

Here’s a really simply Christmas card craft that even little ones can do!! Cut out a Christmas tree template and stick it on the front of the card With blutac.⁣ Paint green around the outside of the Christmas tree template and then let your child go painting crazy all around the Christmas tree! Pull off the template and you have a beautiful Christmas tree card!!! 


So there’s my top 5 fun Christmas activities that are accessible to everyone! They all have minimal resources, are simple to set up but the outcome is a lot of fun and I’ve snuck in lots of learning (motor skills, shape recognition, independence, colour recognition, pre writing skills and soo many opportunities for speech and language!)

Are you tempted to try any of them? 


Thank you for reading this blog and I would love to see you all over on my Instagram @shareyourplaywithme I have also just launched a range of activity cards to support children learn phonics through sensory play! Please check out @playmakessenseuk 



 🌈 Abbie 🌈