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The Enchanting 'Stargazing Pods' at Alton Towers

on Tue Apr 23 2019

Glamping fans, this one will top them all!! We had a truly brilliant time last weekend at the new Stargazing Pods at Alton Towers, and recommend tou take a look for your next trip away. My little Wiki family and I were lucky enough to be invited to the launch event on 'Look Up to the Sky Day' which included an introduction from Stargazing Lives Mark Thompson, followed by the most sensational silent pyrotechnics (awesome fireworks without the noise) display I have ever seen. And all under the twinkling of the stars in the night sky and surrounded by the amazing Stargazing Pods. Thompson enthralled the little ones and showed us all how to spot the Milky Way among other constellations. It helped that it was a perfectly clear night and the sky looked specactular.

Mark Thompson Stargazing Live

Situated in the heart of the Alton Towers accommodation, and only a short walk from the monorail, the Pods (102 of them in total) are set up on a small raised area of land, set in a circle around a central green. They are timber structures, that feel almost "Elfin', brand new and perfect each with a small grass area around them and all within access to the central area, the social Teepee and the washroom facilities. They are all centrally heated and have space for a double bed at the back and two singles at the front. For any light snorers reading this (or anyone married to one) the pod is one open space without partitions between the sleeping areas.

Although they are extremely cosy, and super comfortable to sleep in there’s not a lot of room when you’re all getting changed, snacking or milling about but this is no different to camping or caravanning and just adds to the fun! The Pods are simple and fun. They’ve provided bedding, shelves to store your personal belongings, hooks for coats, and there’s a plug socket by each bed to charge your phone (so they’ve thought of all the basics!). Even for the furthest pods, the washrooms are only a very short walk. But I’d advise you take a torch with you for any night wees! And probs also a potty for the kids to avoid frequent trips in your pyjamas. But the facilities themselves are spotless, I couldn’t tell how often they were checked but they must have a regular cleaning schedule as they were very well kept. If your little one is still needing support on the loo then take your portable loo seat with you for little bums. They do have child height sinks and two wet rooms with facilities for families with additional needs. These rooms also contain the baby changing facilities.

Although the pods are special in their own way (its almost like a village out of Lord of the Rings) the main event is the Stargazing green, complete with real telescopes. When night falls the sky above the pods is lit up by the stars and the view is simply magical. The Pods are reconnecting families with nature and the world around them, and remind us to stop once in a while and look up at the sky that surrounds us. Set within the Alton Towers resort, the pods feel almost part of the "make believe' as you neighbour the Enchanted Village, and the Tree Top houses, and can hear the water from the Splashlandings Hotel in the distance. I certainly felt about 9 years old again and couldn’t stop grinning. It was SO EXCITING!!!

Stargazing Pods fireworks

The event was incredible, and we felt very lucky to be involved, with live music, and food and drink being served to the attendees and the guests in the huge teepee that sits to the side of the Pods. As a Stargazing Pod guest you can buy drinks from the bar and socialise with other groups which adds to your whole stay. Food can be purchased at the Crooked Spoon restaurant which is only a few minutes walk from the Pods too.

Pods start from £88 and accommodate a family of four easily. Even pretty tall people can stand in the pod and fit in the beds! Prices jump a little to £123 in peak season. As glamping goes this is one enchanting and magical experience that you won't forget and your little ones will be beside themselves with excitement. It’s basically the best family sleep over Ever, with some added twinkle to boot!