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Week 2: A week of family dinner ideas

Posted in Feeding the family on Sun Apr 26 2020

My Family Menu… What’s on your family menu this week?

Now is a fantastic time to get your Littles involved and engaged in your family food. A fabulous way to given them ownership of your meals and create an air of excitement is to get them involved in planning your meals or designing the menu for the week a head.

Two ways to get your Littles involved are:
Ask them to list out all their favourite meals (for breakfast, lunch and dinner), add your favourites 😉 to the list and then together pick which meals you want to serve on your family menu for the week ahead. Pin it up on your fridge

Have a browse through all the gorgeous photos in your recipe books, magazines and here on IG. Let your Littles pick out photos they like the look of, talk about the meal and recipe. Rip out the image or take a screenshot to stick on or pin on your menu.

Here’s one of our favourite family dinner menus:
Slow cooker roast chicken with classic mash potato and veggies. No waste hack: I’ll make an overnight bone broth from the chicken chicken carcass to use later in the week.
Veggie and bean loaded chicken fajitas (use up leftover roast chicken)
Baked vegetable risotto using the chicken bone broth
Black bean burrito bowl (BBC Good Food have a fab recipe). I’ll serve it with sweet potato disks so the kids can have fun and loading them up.
Toad in the hole! Friday family favourite. 🙂 

How do you get your Littles involved in your family menu?