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Week 5: A week of family dinner ideas

Posted in Feeding the family on Sun May 17 2020

I am so so happy to say that lock down has seriously improved my cooking ability and the options I'm putting on the table, and it wouldn't be without the help of my amazing contributors to my "feed the family" series. Im still not super organised at taking the right meat out the freezer of having the ingredients in, but once i've sorted that then I'm flying.

This weeks is from Liz @wellnourishedclub


Frittata make with anything you can find in that fridge (I like smoked bacon or feta and roasted veggies), served with nibbly salad sticks etc.


Grilled Salmon quinoa salad (avocado, sun dried tomato, peppers, leaves with a olive oil, balsamic, whole grain mustard dressing). The kids are a little hit or miss with quinoa so I’ll make extra sweet potato chunks for them.

WEDNESDAY: Rainbow baked rissotto with crunchy leafy salad - See her recipe here


Falafel burgers with chunky summer slaw.


Stuffed baked potato skins - super fun to make with the kids

NOM NOM NOM!!! ENJOY!! And if you do cook any of these please do tag us into your pictures or stories :o)