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It’s OK

on Sat Dec 14 2019

Its ok. Its ok to not love being a mother or father all the time, to have days where hearing mum and dad for the thousand time makes you contemplate leaving home.
Its ok to not love cleaning pee or poop off of the floor when your child has missed the toilet...again!
Its ok to crave the simplicity of your old life, where your main worries were getting to work on time and how you would survive the three weeks before payday after one meal turned into all night drinks.
Its ok to miss your childless friends. The ones who have faded away, wanting to enjoy nights out on the town rather than being curled up on the sofa. Your new mummy friends are awesome, and understand in a way your other friends can’t, but you also miss those who knew you before you were a parent.
Its ok to be frustrated when nothing goes to plan. Where you only tick off one thing off of your to do list instead of the normal twelve.
Its ok to feel bored with parenting. To crave something different from the monotonous routine of parenthood. To crave the spontaneity of your old life; late night drives to takeaways and midnight films.
Its ok to enjoy your time away from your children. To give them to your friends/family/nanny and revel in the peace. To love having time to get the house sorted, have a bath, to go out for a meal, to simply sit and enjoy the quiet.
Raising children is hard. It is lonely, boring at times, hard always and turns your world upside down – whether planned or a surprise. Don’t ever feel guilty for missing your own life. It doesn’t mean you love your kids any less – because I guarantee when they say “I love you" or cuddle up on your lap for a nap – your heart melts a little.