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Six easy ways to prioritise YOU and bring some calm amidst the chaos

on Wed Feb 24 2021

More than ever we need to be looking after ourselves and just a few minutes of ‘self care’ each day can bring us back to ourselves. Take some mindful moments that are just for you to give you time to pause and reset. Here are a few ideas:

When the kids have 5 minutes of doing something that doesn’t require your attention, actually stop. Don’t empty the dishwasher. Don’t fold the laundry. Don’t pick up your phone and scroll. Just stop and sit down. Notice your feet on the ground (put them there if they’re not already!) and get a sense of your body and the space surrounding your body.

Do this whenever you can fit it in - when the kettle is boiling, when the kids’ beans are heating in the microwave or even when you’re ‘helping’ one of them on the loo! Simply observe the rhythm of your breath for a minute or two as it moves in and out of your body, experiencing the sensations without trying to control them. If your mind wanders, just notice where it’s been and then return your attention to the breath.

Move your body
Get some endorphins going by taking some movement ‘snacks’. Bust out a few squats while the kettle is boiling (my personal fave!), dance with the kids to some music when they’ve finished a task. Getting the body moving will help you feel good.

Get outside
Not easy in the darker, colder months but if you’re ‘solar powered’ like me then any tiny amount of Vitamin D will help you feel calmer and happier. Getting you and the kids outside gives you all some space - physically and mentally. And if you’re able to get out for a walk on your own before the kids are up then the fresh air and headspace will get you in a great place mentally for the rest of the day.

Repeat an affirmation
One of my personal favourites to bring myself back to me is to repeat an affirmation either in my head or out loud. It can be anything that helps you feel calm. I repeat “I am calm and in control”.

Switch off phone notifications
The last thing you need right now is something else pinging at you. Can you mute any non-urgent WhatsApp groups? Switch off your email notifications? Mute your social media messages? Being mindful of your time online will help you feel calmer and ease overwhelm.

I hope these ideas for mini mindful moments help carry you through the week at an ever-so-slightly slower pace.

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