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Week 1: A week of family dinner ideas

Posted in Feeding the family on Sat Apr 25 2020

What’s on your plate this week mama?

Here’s what we have lined up…

Monday: Mixed grains and veggie bake… Super lazy Monday night dinner - check out the recipe below. PLUS leftovers for lunch on Tuesday

Tuesday: Baked pasta bolognese (bulked out with lentils and loads of veg)

Wednesday: Slow cooker veggie curry

Thursday: Chili using the leftover bolgnese by simply just adding chilli spices.

Friday: Hot salmon quinoa salad (the kids will probably have it with mash or chips)

I love a toss it all together, throw it in the oven tray bake! I’m all about low maintenance family food (with minimal washing up!). The beauty of this scrumptious delight is that you can pretty much just empty your fridge or pantry … and it is easy to switch to veggie and vegan depending on your preferences. In fact, the meal photographed here was meant to be veggie with just a feta crust but Miss 3 spotted “chicken lollipops” in the fridge and insisted we had them for dinner. 

All you need:
1 packet of pre-cooked brown rice (or cook your own)
1 packet of pre-cooked quinoa (or cook your own)
1 chopped red onion 
1 chopped red pepper
3 chopped tomatoes
1-2 chopped aubergine/courgette/fennel/celery/mushrooms etc
Seasoning (salt and pepper)
Optional tasty extra: 4 rations of chopped smoked bacon, chopped block of feta, organic chickens legs/thighs (lay them on top to get the added flavour and nutritional benefits of the juices).

All you do:
Mix it all together and bake at 190C for 30-40 minutes.